November 7th - 10th




RastaCon 2019

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RastaCon 2019


CALL FOR ENTRIES: RastaCon Logo Design


The RastaCon Central Committee, a benevolent organization devoted to the edification and community sharing of both offensive and defensive digital and analogue security, announces a contest for the design and creation of the visual identity of the RastaCon “Jamaican Me Secure” logo for RastaCon 2019.

The contest is open to non-noobs age 18 and up of any nationality from any scientific discipline, be they researchers or practitioners. Entries will be sent to Contest_Logo.

Applicants may send more than one logo design, but only one winning design will be selected at the end of the contest.  The selection process will be overseen by the central committee of RastaCon. The bottom line is that we will select the logo we like best, whatever it is.


DEADLINE: July 31, 2019 1800GMT

Any and all entries received after the deadline will be rejected. No exceptions.


Logo Design Requirements

These are the general requirements which will allow the broadest contributions of creative design in a professional manner which capture the RastaCon environment and message.



Requirements for logo designs include:


Readability: in both forms and fonts contained therein;

Synthesis: that is among the primary characteristics of a logo;

Ease of use: The logo should be provided in vector format (.eps, .ai, with transparent background) in photo format (.png with transparent background and .jpeg) - it must have resolution options that overlay it for a video up to 300dpi - it must be possible to apply either on light or dark backgrounds or with the same file or with two files, one positive and one negative. Color profile in RGB and CMYK (for color printing).

Color Schema: To show respect and honor our host country and their rich culture, please ensure that the National Colors of Jamaica are included in the design. It does not have to be the whole color scheme, for example, inclusion of the Jamaican National Flag is acceptable.


Color specifications 

       Yellow    Green    Black    

C -        6          87        100

Y -        24        31        100

R -        87        84        100

M -       0          21        10


Reference: https://jis.gov.jm/information/symbols/jamaica-national-flag/


Verbiage: The following phrase must be incorporated into the logo, “Jamaican Me Secure”


It is our intention to leave maximum creative freedom to the participants, but we recommend that you consult the website of our organization http://www.rastacon.ninja.



The winning logo design will become the property of RastaCon, with all copyright and use of the design held by RastaCon.  RastaCon reserves the right to not select a submitted design if no suitable submissions are received which meet the needed requirements and standards as assessed by the selection committee.


The party who designs the prize-winning logo will receive:

  • Free admission for you and one other person to all presentations in the general session and admittance to the speaker only lunch private event.

  • Deeply discounted admission for up to 10 additional people.

  • Tons of RastaCon Swag